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The Tale of Demon Alter (or How I learned to Love the Blob)
04-22-2014, 06:12 AM
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Heart The Tale of Demon Alter (or How I learned to Love the Blob)

Ever since there were Humans, there were self-conscious people. From cavemen to hipsters someone has always hated how they looked, and ever since there were people that hated how they looked, there were people that were too lazy to take the time and effort to change it and would look for an easy way out. These desperate people would beg and plead to a higher power for their body troubles to be over, and yet the higher power never answered; instead a lower power took on the call.

It’s a common misconception that when one sells their soul to the devil they sell the whole soul, when in actuality it depends on what is gained in return that determines how much of the soul is sold. Selling it for looks takes a small fraction of the soul compared to selling it for power or riches. Selling a fraction though leads up to selling more of it later on. Even if they don’t make another deal, if someone sells even a fraction of their soul and then doesn’t redeem themselves in life, Satan gets the whole thing. As Satan started dealing with more important souls, he felt his time was too valuable to go and grab just some small fraction of a soul. He worked his powers and created a group of demons to work on his smaller deals for him.

One of these demons is named Alter, currently lying face down in front of Satan. He is a slim, short, purple skinned demon with small black horns sticking out of his slicked back purple hair, behind him a thick black devil tail wiggles as he comes to life. He groans and lifts his head up.

“Welcome to life, minion!”

Satan’s voice booms, causing Alter to wince. He looks up at his creator, the red skinned, giant black horned devil grins down at him. His black hair is slicked back but slightly rustled from the effort of using his power. Alter looks back at him confused, his brain still not fully firing.

“You are my minion.” Satan booms again, “You will go to Humanity in my steed when they call on me for certain deals. I have decided you shall be my weight minion. Too many people want to lose or gain weight, and I don’t have time to deal with petty issues like that. Whenever someone wants to gain or lose, you shall go to them and make a deal. You can make a deal for whatever YOU wish, but be known that the fraction of their soul goes to ME only! You will find the suit I’ve chosen for you in your room.” Satan points to an open door and then walks away.

As Alter processes what he was just told, his brain starts connecting and he gets up and makes his way to his room, wobbling on his feet a little as he remembers how to walk. He enters his room and looks around; it’s a small room with silver colored walls and a full sized bed in the middle, with a small table next to the entrance on which his suit is.

He picks each of the suit pieces up and looks them over, his pants are pitch black and smooth as silk, same for his shirt, the buttons on his shirt shimmer in the light and each has a little swirl design on them, his tie is pure white to match his jacket and hat, his shoes are black with white spats on top. He slips his suit on and looks over himself.

“Hell… I look good.”

Alter is slightly shocked at hearing his own voice, but then laughs as he realized what he said as his brain finishes connecting the dots and he becomes fully aware.

Right afterwards he hears Satan booming voice once again.

“Alter! You’re needed, come to my chamber!”

“I’m on my way sir!”

Alter yells, his voice squeaking slightly from the first time yelling. He heads out his door and towards Satan’s chamber. He walks down the hallway, his footsteps echoing loudly, and notices other rooms with other new demons in them as well, but he doesn’t stop to find out more about them. He enters the chamber and approaches Satan, who was wearing a pitch black suit with the only color on him being a red tie that matched his skin.

“You called for me sir?”

“Yes, you know your job correct?”

Alter nods and Satan smiles and folds his hands on his desk while speaking.

“Good, I’m going to start you off with a woman that wants to gain weight to attract a husband, it’s currently the 10th Century up there, so this is going to be your job that I’ll need you for, for a few centuries at least.”

He says with a small grin, knowing something that Alter didn’t.

“What you’ll do is go up there, and follow her for a day or two, see what she has that interests you and then make the deal. Afterwards you’ll shake her hand and the weight from your body will transfer to her and then you get your item and the part of her soul. You may keep what item you want but the soul fraction comes directly to me.”

He stands up and leans forward, his voice growing deeper.

“If you try to swindle me at all you will regret it, DO NOT cross me!”

Alter slinks back and nods slowly.

“Yes sir, I wouldn’t think of doing that at all! But I have one question…. If it’s okay…”

Satan smiled and sat back down.

“What is it?”

“Well sir, you say I give her the weight that’s on me, but I’m pretty thin already, so how does that work exactly?”

“Oh yes, that does pose a problem… No worries though, I have the solution right here.”

The devil then pulls on a black rope in his pocket and pulls out a small heart shaped object. The object is a black heart with a small purple heart in the middle; the object gives off a glow of light as he holds it up.

“I made this from a part of your heart, this will let you control your weight at will.”

He tosses it to Alter, who catches it awkwardly, nearly dropping it.

“Just hold it and concentrate on what you want to do, gain or lose, and it’ll happen. Now, if that’s all, you need to go.”

Alter nods and heads out, he stops at his room and holds the pendant in his hand.

“Okay so, she’ll want to gain weight to get a husband, how does that even work? How much should I gain before I go see her? 200lbs seems like a nice round number, I’ll start with that…”

He grabs the pendant tightly and concentrates on gaining 200lbs, he feels it grow warm in his hand and the warmth spreads through his body. He then feels his body start to tingle and expand, his stomach starts first, slowly puffing out and filling with fat as it goes from flat to curved quickly. The warmth spreads to his chest and arms, as his pecs turn soft and jiggly and fill out, his shirt filling up and getting tighter. He feels the warmth in his legs and rear as his thighs get bigger and brush against each other, filling up his pants. His rear expands outwards as each cheek gets fat poured onto it. He feels his suit get tighter but slowly expand with him, but his tie is getting tight around his fattening neck, he reaches up to loosen it a little and sees even his fingers have a soft layer of fat growing on them.

After the warmth fades he looks himself over, his belly and chest block his view of his lower body, his tie rests between two small hills of fat and the tip is resting over the crest of his belly, which fills up his shirt and would prevent him from closing his jacket. He looks down at his fatty hands and the pendant; he reaches under his belly, feeling his newly expanded underbelly tickle slightly, and puts the pendant in his pants pocket, he feels his now fatty thighs smoosh as he shoves it in and heads out the door, waddling slightly.


As the centuries go by, Alter finds his job very rewarding. He gets fun little trinkets and gold from the people he makes deals with, and Satan is pleased with the soul fractions he gets. Alter even meets some of the people he made deals with now and then, which make for an awkward situation. He also finds there there’s a slight shift in the human behaviors. Before it used to be for every nine people he gave weight to, one would want to lose weight, but now it seems about even. He ends up just trading fat between people for the most part now, hardly needing use of the pendant as he doesn’t mind being slightly fat between deals.

He’s currently sitting in his room reading a book he got in a recent trade, he’s in the 500lb range, with a nice round, soft belly that sits on his lap and pulls his shirt outwards even when standing, on that belly rests two plump moobs that flow around his sides and push up on his arms, causing his shirt to stretch and making its buttons nearly pop off. His jacket doesn’t even reach around to the front of his body in this state; it just hugs around his sides. His tie is loosened so much that it barely pokes out from atop his moobs. Under his belly his lower body is just as flabby, his thighs crash into each other constantly, even spreading his legs as far as he can doesn’t help, just makes his belly spill down out of his shirt and into the open space. Behind him, in two chairs, is a big round ass that fills up his pants, and then some, with the top of his butt blubbing out the top of his pants, his tail being squeezed between his cheeks and backfat. His shoes are currently off, because his feet are so round and pudgy they press hard on all sides of them, threating to split them open, letting his leg fat push freely against his feet. Reading the book is a little cumbersome as well due to his pudgy fingers making him fumble to turn the pages, but it’s all good.

Alter breathes deeply, the added weight showing its effects on him, and loses himself in his book. It was a new book called Hamlet, and it was pretty enthralling. He becomes lost in the world in the book and tunes out everything else. He is nearing the middle when suddenly he is started by Satan standing behind him.


Alter screams and falls forward, crushing his desk and landing on his bloated belly, his butt wobbling in the air.

“My word you’ve really gained a lot of weight lately.”

Satan huffed, and gives Alters ass a hard slap and watches it jiggle for a minute, causing Alter to oomph loudly. He picks up Alters shoes and shoves them back on his feet then pulls him up with some effort.

Alter regains his balance and stands slightly ashamed

“Sorry sir I was lost in this book, I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose!”

Alter pants and breathes deeply and tries to make himself look more professional, which is in vain because his belly is spilling out from under his shirt and he can’t get it back in, and he is sweating large puddles around his bloated self.

“I’ll let it go this time, thankfully this next job should help with your weight issue, I have someone that wants to gain a bunch of weight AND become rich and powerful, and so I’ll be accompanying you on this one. I’m going to give him nearly all this extra bulk you have just to be funny.”

“Okay sir if you insist.”

Alter follows his employer to his exit but then notices a small problem; the door frame is a little smaller than his current bulk could fit through. Not wanting to bother his boss any more than he already has, he attempts to turn sideways to make his way through, only to have his butt squeeze out but get stuck in the middle right as his belly blubs around the frame. He tries to keep moving but he’s wedged and can’t even wiggle his way back in. He jerks his body back and forth with all his strength, but all that happens is his body starts jiggling like crazy for a few minutes. Sighing he calls to Satan.

“Sir….. I need some help…”

The devil turns and looks back at his minion, and starts laughing loudly.

“Oh my, isn’t this a funny scene!”

Alter just blushes and looks down. Satan still laughing waves his hand and Alters doorframe suddenly widens and releases him. Alter pants and shifts.

“Thanks sir…”

Satan just smiles, and waves at Alter to follow him, still chuckling to himself.


As even more centuries pass by, Alter sees a radical change in the human mindset, more and more he is brought up to take fat from people rather than give it to them. What used to be nine out of ten fattening’s has now reversed, and so many people ask to be thin he’s going out several times a WEEK now compared to several times a month so long ago. He makes good use of the pendant now, using it normally after every deal to trim himself down. His suit on the other hand has seen better days; you can see it’s been stretched to its limits and then some. The once pure white coat is now a smoky grey, with obvious sweat stains under the armpit areas. His black suit is now faded and torn in several spots. His tie lost its shine and has splintered fibers from the constant loosening and tightening. His shoes have been split open from the time he took on too much weight and didn’t get them off in time, and the soles are worn out from all the weight he has put on them over the years. He asked Satan to replace them but the devil just laughed him out of his office.

Alter relaxes on his bed after using the pendant once more, the last person was pretty hefty and concentrating for as long as he needed to was exhausting. He stopped himself when his shirt became loose once again and pulls out his item he got from the last deal, this time he got an Xbox. Ever since the humans started getting more advanced in the technology area, Alter found himself enticed by the gizmos they created. He already had played with the PS2 and was eager to try this one out. As he gets it booted up he hears Satan call him again. He sighs and turns it back off and walks out the door and to his chamber.

“Yes sir?”

“Great news, apparently there’s some new virus going around called ‘The Obesity Epidemic’ and I’m getting lots of requests for girls AND guys to lose weight, we’re going to be very busy! There’s going to be lots of soul fragments and lots of stuff for you!”

Satan said with a giddy smile. He knew humans these days wouldn’t redeem themselves as much as they used to so a lot of these fragments would become whole souls when they died.

“But sir, when will I have time to relax?”

Alter asked, knowing the devil wouldn’t really care.

“I don’t really care, you will do as I say, or do you forget this is what I made you for?”

“Sorry sir, that was out of line. Won’t happen again.”

“Let’s see that it doesn’t.”

Satan then dropped a large list on his desk and motions for Alter to take it.

“That’s your assignments for this week, get to them.”

Alter looked the list over; there must have been at least ten people on it! Each one wanting to lose at least 100lbs, his mouth gaped open slightly to say something, but he thought better and just gave a nod and walked back to his room.

“Well, I usually don’t do this, but I think I’m gonna have to take the pendant with me this time…”

He mumbled to himself as he entered his room, he goes to grab his pendant off the bed, but he doesn’t see it. Confused he lifts up his sheets and still nothing. He looks all around his room but can’t find it. Panicking, he starts tearing things up to see if it fell somewhere, but after making his room into a mess he still doesn’t see it.

“What the hell is going on here?!”

Alter walks back to Satan’s chamber and clears his throat. Satan looks back up at him.

“What are you still doing here?”

“Um sir, someone has taken my pendant, do you know who?”

“Who would take it? It only works for you!”

“Well it’s gone, so do you think I can get a new one? I know you won’t give me new clothes because they’re not important, but this is…”

“I can’t make another one; it was a part of your heart, that was it, if I try again it’d kill you. You should have been more careful with where you had it. Now LEAVE!”

Alter winces at his voice for the first time since he was made and walks out.

“Okay so, whatever weight I get now I’m stuck with, that’s cool that’s cool. Umm I guess I could try to convince some of these people to not take off so much weight…Or I just gotta find someone that’ll take on a lot of it! But then what happens next time? And the time after that? Oh man I gotta find that pendant...”


Alter pants and huffs as he searches his room one last time, it’s almost been a week and he still cannot find the pendant. He even searched the other rooms while the other demons were out, but still no luck. He is starting to get desperate, his body is now bloated up damn near 800lbs.

His soft belly flows out the bottom of his shirt and down to his knees, his shirt rides up to his moobs, the buttons ready to pop at the next deep breath. His pants have torn halfway down the middle of his rear but they’re stuck to him from his fatty thighs, which are larger than most tree trunks, but they’re slowly tearing holes in the legs of the pants as well. His shoes are barely on his feet anymore, his fatty feet burst them open once again so they flop around whenever he waddles, though his legfat is pushing down on them so they stay put for the most part.

He grunts and sighs, still unable to find any trace of the pendant, so he just sits on his bed, watching his belly flow down and away from him and toward his pudgy feet, at least he assumes it’s going towards his feet as he can’t see past his moobs which bloat up into his face and keep his arms lifted up at a near 90 degree angle, he feels his butt pressing against the wall and looks back and sees his ass covers the head of the bed and is blubbing its way up the wall, his tail nearly lost in the massive mounds of fat. His jacket and tie lay on the floor, neither of them fit him anymore, and he sighs and just waits for his next assignment, which should be soon.

Sure enough, Satan calls him and he wiggles his way out of bed and out his widened door. He dreaded the waddle to his chamber, he just knew this next assignment would be even more people that wanted to lose weight. He arrives slowly, panting loudly and covered in sweat from the short walk.

“Well Alter you lucked out this time, just one person to visit this week.”

Satan hands him the paper, it just said a name and location but not if they were losing or gaining or how much even.

Alter was ready to ask what was going on, but he knew better than to ask any more questions and just nodded as much as his fat face would allow and waddles back out. He’s taken now to just appearing to the people rather than stalking them for a week, as sneaking around isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s a little jarring for a half-naked purple demon man to appear in their rooms, but it scared a few people away from making the deal, seeing how much worse off they could be, so he’s fine with it.

Alter made himself as presentable as he could and transported himself to the location. He looked around and was in a cold dark room, he heard loud wheezing and hissing, he turned around and he nearly fell over in shock. Laying on a humongous bed in front of him was the biggest human he’s ever seen!

The blob of a human had a belly that flowed down their legs and around their feet, hanging off the bed even, supporting it was a pair of thighs and legs bigger than both of his put together, which absorbed their feet. The persons moobs, or boobs, were bigger than his own belly, causing their arms to point upwards and hands to sink in, making it look like a pair of giant doughnuts. He couldn’t see it, but Alter was sure the person’s ass could prolly crush a small car.

“Oh *wheeze* my prayer *wheeze* has been answered!”

The blob pants out, apparently unphased by Alter suddenly showing up.

“Oh Satan…”

Alter squeaks out.

“So I take it I’m here to take this weight from you?”

He asks the lump of lard. Which gives off a wheezing nod in return.

The gears in Alters head began turning, if he takes this persons weight he’ll turn into a blob himself, but if he doesn’t then Satan would destroy him, he was already mad enough when the others were scared away. He began to think hard, ‘Satan needs souls for power, so maybe if I convince this person to give me their whole soul I can use that power to fix myself! But I gotta try to save a fraction of it to give to him so he doesn’t suspect anything….’

“Okay, but in order to do this we need to strike a deal, I get your soul in return for taking on your burden. All you have to do is shake my hand and the deal is struck.”

The blob wheezes for a few minutes, obviously thinking, then nods and wiggles its hand as a gesture to Alter that it was ready to shake.

Alter slowly took the blobs hand and concentrated, he knows how the soul’s power works from having to handle it, so he concentrates on taking the weight and then vaporizing it. He feels his hand and the humans hand wiggle and moosh together, then he felt the familiar warmness that he always feels, adding onto that he felt steam rising off his body as the blob in front of him shrank down as well as himself. After a few minutes the human, now obviously seen as female was down to about 130lbs and Alter himself was at a more respectable 200lbs, with his clothes now fitting comfortably again. He manages to save just a small bit of her soul to give to Satan.

“So that’s it?”

She asks and stands up, admiring her now trim body.

“Yep, hope you enjoy this life, because it’s all Hell afterwards.”

Alter smirked and transported himself back to Hell.


Alter walked into Satan’s office and sat down. Satan looks up and is flabbergast at what he sees.

“How-wha-how are you normal?!”

The devil demands.

Alter shifts and smiles.

“I uh, convinced the person to take MY weight rather than I take hers… here’s her soul fragment”

Alter sticks his hand out and Satan grabs it, Alter feels the familiar tingle of the power leaving him and going to Satan. But after the power left, the devil still holds his hand.

“You forgot the ONE thing I told you to never do Alter. YOU HAD ONE JOB!”

Satan stands up, still holding Alters hand; he lets out growl and tosses Alter across the room. Alter crashes against the wall and lands with a thud.

“You shall pay for your insolence! Did you really think I can’t tell the difference between a fraction of a whole soul and the leftovers of a used soul? I’M THE GODDAMN DEVIL!”

Alter cowers and looks up at him.

“I’m sorry sir! I’m sorry! I just needed to make myself normal so I could serve you better! Please have mercy!”

Satan just shakes his head.

“There is no mercy here son, did you really forget where you were? Come here, we got work to do.”

Satan then grabs Alters wrist and drags him to his feet.

“Where are we going?”

Alter asks, letting off a small whimper. Feeling like his arm was going to be torn out of its socket.

“We’re going to get more souls of course, MUCH more souls!”

They arrive at a small door and he opens it, inside is a large empty room and Satan shoves Alter in.

“Wait I thought we were going to get souls?”

Alter asks confused.

“Oh, I meant WE as in me and all the other minions, see, you’re still going to do your job, storing the fat those greedy humans don’t want. But seeing as you can’t be trusted anymore, we’re going to grab it for you and bring it to you. So make yourself comfy, this is going to be your new home.”

He slams the door and walks off.

Alter sits and puts his head in his hands, getting angry and throwing his hat across the room.

“How could I be so stupid? But what did he expect me to do? What’s gonna happen to me now?”

Alter doesn’t have to wait for long to find out, as one at a time a minion comes in and grabs his hand, giving him the warmth and piling weight into him. He watches as his body bloats with each hand grab, his belly growing outwards and spilling out from his shirt again. His moobs follow suit and puff up once again in front of him, pulling up on his shirt and pushing his jacket outwards. His arms fill up his sleeves and his jacket tears into shreds as his body fills it past its limit. Down below his legs grow and grow, filling up his pants, along with his ass which explodes backwards and completely rips his pants down the middle, his legs doing the rest of the work and removing them completely. His buttons on his shirt suddenly pop off one by one as his moobs are the only thing contained in them, until they too rip the shirt in half. Alters feet plump up and destroy his shoes once and for all, but before they can be seen his legfat sucks them in. His body continues to grow as each minion keeps going back out and arriving back quickly. Soon his belly is touching the floor and spreading out away from him, as well as his ass. He falls backwards into his ass, which mooshes and jiggles and then lifts him up off the ground, his legs spread out but still touching as his fat feet barely poke out of their holes. He moans as his moobs push up against his face and force his arms upright, his armfat growing thicker and making him resemble the blobby human that started this all. He lets off a small whimper as he continues to grow and his moobs and cheeks cover up his mouth, he feels his body spreading outwards faster and it seems like the minions hands are getting bigger with each new one as well, though his hands are as round as softballs now so he’s not sure if it’s them or him.

Alter groans as he feels himself growing faster, his body spreading slowly across the floor without stopping. He notices a minion starts grabbing each hand now, having to lean across his bloated body to reach them now, rather than one at a time and his growth speeds up faster. His belly surges across the floor and crashes into the wall, his ass spreads backwards and runs into each of the corners behind him, his thighs spread along the floor underneath him and press on the other walls. This causes the minions to start climbing on him to get to his hands, which is actually easier than leaning from the floor, Alter winces as he feels their feet dig into his body and bounce around. He notices some of them are extremely heavy and dragging across him, which confirms his suspicions that they ARE getting bigger.

He feels his belly rise higher against the door, blocking it as it fills the frame and spills out, as his ass and thighs lift him higher up towards the ceiling. This doesn’t stop them though, as a door is opened up near said ceiling and they start falling down onto him.

Alter groans and oomph’s as each heavy minion drops down and then rolls to his hand and transfers the weight, each one bigger than the last. Then suddenly they stop showing up. Thinking they were finally done he wheezes a sigh of relief, only to look up and see Satan standing on his cheek.

“Well, we really helped cure that Obesity Epidemic for right now, and I got a lot of souls from it as well. But while all the minions were busy here, I was doing my own thing. Did you know there’s more than one planet in this universe? I only let you guys know about Earth because they were the only ones that knew about Me and, you know, him. But I knew about these other places, and I know one planet that is just FULL of fat people. Needless to say I introduced myself around and wouldn’t you know it? They wanted to get rid of their fat too! So you’re going to be quite busy my friend, for a long , long time.”

The devil then smiles and pokes Alters cheek, suddenly Alter starts fattening up once again, at a very fast pace. Satan just smiles and laughs as Alters fat flows higher and faster, pushing him up towards the ceiling and pushing hard against all the walls. Alter just moans and watches as his sight is overtaken by fat and then blackness.

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