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Pyknic Arms
03-31-2015, 10:47 PM
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RE: Pyknic Arms
Fast activated her sword while in the midst of the rioting farmers. Her and Weaver were encircled by the mob, all with various gardening tools pointed at them.

“Why are you all doing this!?” Weaver whimpered, huddling close to her friend.

“Isn't it obvious? They found us out...”

“Dogs of the Witch Queen!”

“Tell your oppressive leader we don't want to be ruled by her anymore!”

“Why let them live? Let's send them back to her with their heads!”

“No please, don't do that!” Weaver pleaded with her hands cupped together.

“Heh, Weaver...don't lose your head just yet~” Fast mocked.

“THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR JOKES, THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL US!” The tattooed mage screamed, her markings soon illuminated fiercely.

“All right, all right...cut the light show!” Fast begged, covering her eyes as did the rest of the mob.

“This is a HIGH stressful situation and you're making jokes!”

“Look, all these people are scared. If they truly wanted to kill us, they would have by now.”

“Or maybe we're just sportsman and not savages like those at the kingdom.” A stout brunette said, waddling through the crowd. With layered chocolate hair that dangled down to her cherubic cheeks and the rest tied in a tight ponytail. She was much larger than Fast or Weaver, a hefty pear shaped body, peach colored skin dressed in a green tunic with mail riddled across her front and brown shorts with tan footwear. She was also in possession of a decorative gauntlet, similar to those with a Pyknic Arm.

“So, there's a chance for us getting out of here alive?”

“Possibly, a slim one but a possible chance.”

“Then step up and let's get this over with!” Fast demanded, already taking the hint.

“Quick to the trigger, aren't we?” Morinth then paused, getting a better look at the tan knight. “ look familiar...”

“Yeah, I get that a lot now come on!”

“...Aren't you curious as to who you remind me of?”

“At the moment, I am surrounded by dozens of angry farmers who want to kill me and a mage who is beside herself with fear, not to mention a bitchy witch Queen waiting for me back at her kingdom. So no, not caring at the moment.”

“Very well...” Mornith accepted and summoned a spear from her gauntlet.

“A Pyknic Arm!?”

“Surprised? These weapons are what the Queen is after, no? What better way to topple her, than with the very tools she seeks to control us with?”

“No, you don't understand! There's more to those things than you and the Queen know!”

“Is that so? Well, I know mine can do, this!” Mornith shot forward with her spear, unleashing a wind tunnel straight into Fast's torso. Caught in the draft, the white jacket swords woman spiraled across the street.

“Fast, oh no!” Weaver panicked, running to her friend and helping her up. “A-Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah...just caught off guard...Listen, Weaver...I want you to run the first chance you get...Find Zoe...and the knight...”

“But what about you?”

“I'll catch up. I can make quick work of this fool...” Fast's weak smile didn't seem to convince the tattooed mage so Fast shoved her aside. “I said go!” Weaver still hesitated with Fast's order, so the tan girl darted forward, meeting Morinth's parry that set off a sonic blast that knocked her back and a few of the onlookers. There was now a clear path to the farming grounds. “GO!” Fast barked again, prompting Weaver to move.

The crowd watched in awe as the marked caster sprinted with her hands holding up her long skirt in order not to trip. Fast aided her escape by attacking Morinth, prompting another wind shield to bounce her backwards.

“Not too bright, are you?”

“Brighter than the damn Sun!” Fast retorted, bringing up her sword. “I was just allowing my friend to get away, she's not exactly the combat type, so I don't want her to see this beating I'm going to give you!”

“Confident, I like that. Will make it all the more better when I knock you and that Witch Queen off your high horse!”

“Then stop talking and start knocking!”

The two Arms wielders clashed over and over. Each time a burst of wind rang out, pushing the farmers away. Their fight soon escalated and they fought across the city. Fast tripped behind a kiosk which Morinth blasted it to bits, revealing Fast to had vanished. “What the-!?”

“Surprised?” Fast retorted, appeared behind Morinth with a vertical slash to her back.

The spear woman stumbled forward, collapsing on one knee. “So...this is the ability your Arm gave you...”

“Yup, I was just holding back to let Weaver escape.”

“ think you're clever, don't you? But I bet...unlike my ability, yours is much more taxing on your body!” Morinth quickly turned around, shooting another wind tunnel. Fast quickly dodged and slashed at the blubbery brunette's shoulder, toppling her on her back. “D-Damn it!” She cursed, now Fast standing over her with her ivory blade inches from her face.

“To answer your question, yes I think I am pretty clever, especially for some damn farmers.”

“Don't you dare look down on us! We're the one feeding that blonde hippo's gullet!”

“That may be and she is a bitch, I can't deny but sometimes, you have to bite the bullet. She had admitted to us she has bit off more than she could chew and the kingdom is suffering. So, she hired us to fix it. But if you keep going on like this and trying to kill everyone associated you-AAH!”

Fast's body soon jolted as electricity shocked her body. She collapsed to the side while Morinth looked on to see the mayor arrive on the scene with his prayer beads rotating around him.

“M-Mayor Gardner!”

“At ease, Morinth. But didn't I tell you not to underestimate them?”

“I-I know sir, but...”

“No excuses. The mage has escaped and the archer is still on the loose. No doubt they are going to try and free that other knight in the fields so let-!” The mayor paused to see Fast had vanished as well. “Where'd she go!?”

“Sir, she has an Arm that allows her to move at incredible speeds!” Morinth explained.

“Damn, maybe the others have Arms, too! Come on, round the villagers and meet me at in the fields. We'll make sure those four meet their graves there!”

Already in the midst of the cultivated fields, Weaver slowed down after the adrenaline had began to wear off. The tattooed mage wiped her moist brow and rubbed her burning thighs. “I'm not cut out for this...” She sighed, dropping to her knees.

“Weaver!” Zoe cried out, seeing her pal in the distance.

“Zoe!” The blue haired caster celebrated, her spirits revived when she ran to hug the red head. “You're still alive!”

“So are you!...Does that mean Fast is dead?”

“” Before Weaver could answer, a rush of wind brushed past both of them, leaving the collapsed body of Fast at their feet. “Oh, there she is...”

“Glad to are all alive...” The swords woman panted.

“Eh, right...sorry guys, this is my fault. I followed a trail that led me to the knight who came here and triggered the town to turn into a mob...” Zoe shrugged. “But the knight is trapped in a tree and we have to get her out!”

“ a tree?” Weaver repeated, helping Fast to her feet.

“Just follow me and see for yourself!” Weaver nodded and helped Fast along the path to the withered farmland. Sure enough, Zoe's claim was true and the trio gathered around the imprisoned giantess.

“Whoa, she's big...” Fast awed.

“Protect...the innocent...crush...the wicked...”

“And she repeats that line over and over...” Zoe mumbled. “So Weaver, know anything about this?”

“Seems like a Druid spell, nature based. This is a curse, to feel the same pain one has caused nature itself...could she have done this to the land?”

“Does it matter?” Zoe shot back.

“Yes, since if she is truly guilty, she has to escape after learning her lesson.”

“Damn, I don't know if she did it or not! Can you her?”

“I'll try.” Weaver then approached the tree, placing her hands on it and as usual, her markings began to glow.

In the distance, the murmur of the farming mob grew and the lights of their torches lit the night sky. “Come on, Weaver!”

“I'm trying!” She snapped but soon sighed as she let go of the arbor. “It' use...”

“!” Zoe fretted. “This can't be happening! We're going to end up just like her, or worse!”

“Why are you so concerned about this knight, anyway?” Fast asked.

“I-I just am, okay!? Nothing worse than getting in trouble for following orders...” Fast and Weaver looked at Zoe curiously then the former approached the tree, stabbing her sword into it. “What are you doing?!”

“Aging the tree. If we free her, she can be a huge help, literally.” Fast applied her speed enhancement from her sword to the tree. Sure enough, it began to wither with the rapid aging and lack of water and sunlight. The group then backed away as the large knight began to shift, and one good arm swing freed her from her restraints.

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