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RE: Spam Thread - Odin - 03-18-2016 12:35 PM

Imported Irish Whiskey!

St Patrick's Day! Woohoo!

RE: Spam Thread - Dope - 03-18-2016 06:59 PM

Working on St. Patty's day


RE: Spam Thread - Ulfric Blackheart - 03-19-2016 05:16 AM

Going to file for an extended visit so Maddi can stay here for a few more weeks ^.^ Happiness

RE: Spam Thread - Blubberbutt - 03-20-2016 10:38 AM

Finally after years days of looking, I found a "weight gain" powder drink. Decided to buy it this week, am now too sick to drink it ;_;

It smells really good, like cake batter and all, but I got a nasty throat cold so it messes up the flavor and makes it hard to drink. So gotta wait a bit more.

RE: Spam Thread - Chaos - 03-23-2016 11:56 AM

RE: Spam Thread - Blubberbutt - 03-23-2016 01:26 PM

RE: Spam Thread - R. Fresco - 03-25-2016 01:20 AM


RE: Spam Thread - Chaos - 03-25-2016 05:19 PM

Adult Swim is funding two new seasons of...

...Drumb rolls please...

Fooly Cooly

RE: Spam Thread - Dope - 03-26-2016 01:17 AM

2 new seasons of Fooly Cooly

I hope you like memes

RE: Spam Thread - Chaos - 03-26-2016 05:00 AM

(03-26-2016 01:17 AM)Dope Wrote:  2 new seasons of Fooly Cooly

I hope you like memes

I'd fear that if it was Cartoon Networks side of the channel.
Either way you guys will get teacher Haruko.

....Funimation won't dub it, right?