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I think someone nuked CC just to have me gone, but here I am again.

Good to be back.
We're glad to have you back! ^_^
Thanks. It feels good knowing someone's glad to see me.
I can't imagine people wouldn't be happy to see you. You always seemed like a straight-shooter to me, no bullshit but no jimmy rustling.
I've always had this negative aura, people (Namely, my family) tell me.

While I do like to get to the point, I can rustle a jimmy if I like, but only to those who deserve it.
I only appear "negative" to people who like their asses kissed, or to those that don't wish to "rock the boat" and are upset when someone brings them back down to reality.

Or maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way and I am negative, but I sure don't feel negative ^_^
Nah, you're cool.
I think we can all use this as a hello and goodbye, as well as a general comment:
[Image: 3rldnk.jpg]
Hallo again miss Liz, glad to have you back~
Thanks, Neo. I read "Miss Liz" in my head with Buck's voice.
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