Full Version: You said it so well
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You said it so well in the last post.

Here is my website:
I don't know about you but I like this silly inside joke about us making introductions using the old bot titles. I think it is fun.

Anyway, I don't know how much of an introduction to write since I have been with the site so long. I suppose Q&A works...
Hail to thee oh Pep~

Glad to see you rejoined
Congratulations, you've just won two free ipod nanos!

I can't wait until we get a real introduction thread.
Goddamn bot, cool yo tits. No sane person is ever going to click on your advertisements if you span a fucking wall of engrish strung together.

I'd suggest keeping your message blunt and simple, and maybe adding a graphic or two to catch the reader's attention. Seriously, you dropped to motherfucking ball on this one, pull yourself together man.

And welcome pep, I gotta say I lol'd. You did a better job than the actual bot in marketing something.
I know the trick to marketing, though I think the bot here is going for keywords. I did manage to get a new sig update outta the deal.
I found my favorite. There was also one about hilary clinton.
That reads like some Japan-grade Engrish.
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