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So there's this new site out there called Feabie, which is something along the lines of Facebook crossed with Fantasy Feeder and shows a lot of promise

Here's the link:
Joined it myself, looks pretty good so far I'd say, here's hoping it goes well.
I learned my lesson from the past. I never join any online community unless I can befriend the staff.
Not interested but it looks like it could be really good for the community as a whole. So unless you guys start flocking there I am chilling right here. Glad it exists though.
On a whim I decided to message a particular girl on there and we seem to be hitting it off quite nicely
I stopped checking mine after like a week. Complete sausage fest. But the messaging system is pretty cool. Don't like that you can't screen who "follows" you though. 4/10 it's alright.
I'm addicted to it now despite my previous statement ;.;
Feabie is God's punishment for a sinful earth
That's why I moved to just needs to pick up a bit more...Feabie was awesome for a while then it got filled with idiots, crazies, and a lackluster administrative team.
I've found to be pretty friendly fats-wise, among other interests. Plus you can scope out all the kinky people in your area and creep on people you know lol
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