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Its been a LONG time since anyone's touched this subject.

But Daedalus's signature image kind of reminded me of it, and come to think of it I haven't really seen any new mention of such things at all in nearly 5 years.

The image that reminded me of it:
[Image: sig.jpg]

Basic premise is a girl will somehow end up rather fat and lazy.

In Japanese lore, it was often seen as a symptom of being posessed by a spirit and varied from ballooning in size overnight to much more gradual changes in appetite and lifestyle habits.

Really doesn't seem to be a whole lot more info about it that I've found, so I'm curious if anyone else has done more digging into the matter.
You can see that entire Dōjinshi if you have not already:

The premise is as Odin described, being a wife who seems to inexplicably gain weight in her sleep, while her husband believes it must be spirits and researches in in a book of folklore. This is essentially an old euphemism for when women become fat during marriage.

It has been so many years and yet still no one has provided a translation. I am very fond of the art style. Her lethargic face gives me funny feelings in an indefinably charming way.
Actually got to thinking about this some more.

It almost seems like this might be related to the Changelings of european lore, although there are some key differences.

Changelings were said to predominantely affect males, while nebutori seems to only affect women.

I dunno. Would have to read up on the two a bit more to know.

Shame that doujin never got translated. It would be interesting to see what is said.
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