Full Version: Wanna do me a solid?
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I'm not sure which subforum I should be using for requests, so I'm gonna do both. :3

For those who remember me, I was Verilo back in the old days of PAWG/Animexpansion and was shoulder to shoulder with you guys when we made the exodus in 2010 to Chubby Channel. It's been 5 years since then and something wonderful has happened. Coming this April 14th, my little cat girl Sarah will be turning 10 years old. Originally doodled up as a kitten during an middle school anime club visit to the library, she's become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Now, I know gifts/requests are hard to come by in any situation where most people are only taking commissions, but I have to ask: would anyone be willing to draw her in any way in your own style to share in my joy? I want to do something special for the day because it's a once in a lifetime moment and I'd love it if I could get a little "gift for her and her "birthday", you know?

If you want to draw her fat/inflated/big butt/big boobs/whatever (as long as it isn't gore/rape/pregnant/futa, pretty much), I'm down, just as long as she's happy. Big Grin

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I could be in the mood for this. I remember you.
That's very interesting, but why is she drinking/smoking?

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this seems more like a slap in the face. Is it because I was a detestable person 5+ years ago?
Consider it a form of affection, towards you and the character. If you know me, it all makes sense.

I just like drawing women that way.

Oh I suppose one could also say the joke is "This OC is old enough to drink!"
Just realized... "I'm down, just as long as she's happy."


Oh well she will be happy after a few more glasses.
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