Full Version: Pre-Diabetes a "Worthless" Label
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Having your blood sugar on the high end of the spectrum can have you labeled as "pre-diabetic" and even given medication, but there are no studies that show this to be beneficial. Apparently, the risk for developing diabetes once someone is labeled as "pre-diabetic" is only 10-20 percent within the next 10 years.

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What do you think about this? I think it's a good thing to let people know that they're at risk for certain diseases, but medicating a problem that doesn't appear to have any research behind it really irks me.
Huh...this has my interest because an ex of mine decided to lose a hundred pounds (and succeeded) because her doctor called her prediabetic and medicated her. However I would like to note that the weight loss had nothing to do with her being an ex, lol.
That's a pretty big deal for something that wasn't even a problem. Wow.
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