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We've had threads like this before. Post videos that are intriguing to you and discuss them

-Kinaman-"The Grey Elephant's Curse"(turn on English subtitles): An hour long feature about the history of Dendy, a chinese Famicom/NES knock-off that was marketed as a legitimate product in Russia for years

-In The Realm Of Hackers: Documentary about two of the most elite Australian hackers, Electron & Phoenix
Counterfeiting: Documentary on the Business of Counterfeiting and Knock-offs
This hour and a half long documentary shows how "quality counterfeiting" started and why it became so rampant. While we all know counterfeiting isn't nice and the workers can be mistreated, things turn dark when we learn about counterfeit eggs (yes, the ones you're supposed to eat) and counterfeit medicine...even ones being sold from legit pharmacies. It is an amazing look into this business.

Shadow People, Hat Man, Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag, Negative Energy Vampires, Djinn, Slenderman
While it might not be much of a title and some of the accounts are a little...questionable...this documentary is rather interesting because of the accounts. Most interesting to me are the Old Hag and Hat Man, which are really consistently described. I just find that very interesting. While accounts of aliens can vary, as can their desires and actions, these are across-the-board similar. I wish we could test it. Because much of this is audio-only, turn it on and leave it running while you do some house work. Interesting stuff about djinn as well. Not really a documentary to learn about truths, but more for an interesting listen.
Losing Millions On The Homie Vending Machine Empire: A short documentary piece on the distributor of the once immensely popular "Homies" mini-figures and how he's fallen on tough times since then
What's A "Carry On"?: Documentary on the long running British comedy film series "Carry On"
Tim Burton-"Hansel & Gretel": A once though lost short film that Burton made for The Disney Channel in the very early 1980's
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