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Desire to post drawings was what brought me to CC. And I still have it. And think the new forum needs more art, and I'm happy to deliver. And even guessed my Imageshack password in one attempt. (Speaking of Imageshack, they now want money, and I won't be able to upload in 30 days.) So, I decided to post some of the more decent pics I found there.


[Image: 632addkj]

Pity I haven't found one drawing with coloured pencils I did as a request. Some snow girl, turned out very lovely. Well, maybe will draw her again some day. And colour with the same pencils.


[Image: jjfromcornercopyj]

[Image: j6shittycatp]


[Image: 0uccnursecolj]


[Image: 5ommlikecolouredj]

[Image: 3xhipsreadyj]

[Image: msbridepinkj]


[Image: m9zir3j]
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