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I guess I should have a drawing thread as well.

Here's a Korean ghost drawing I did. I tried to make her chubby, which shows up more in the earlier parts of the picture:

[Image: korean_ghost_by_c0ffeeblack-d7ierz3.jpg][Image: korean_ghost_steps_by_c0ffeeblack-d7ies90.jpg]

And here is one I drew for Neo for Easter.
[Image: happy_easter__toonedfa_by_c0ffeeblack-d7iet6y.jpg]
The ghost is quite creepy. Does it have some backstory?

While the bunny is lovely. When I first glanced, I thought "What the hell is with her legs?", but then understood it's an Easter bunny. There's something leporine about the face as well. While the curves are human, much to our pleasure. Like the colouring too.
Thanks, Mishka ^_^

The ghost doesn't have a back story. It is modeled after Korean ghosts, which are usually female with long black hair, pale skin, and many times there is blood coming from their eyes/mouth. There was a famous creepy online comic that includes a Korean ghost if you haven't seen it (English translation):

As for the bunny, it's definitely for our resident bunny fan, Neo.
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