Full Version: I still do pixels
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Nobody's stopped me yet, so, here's some of my recentish stuff?

Chibi robogirl I'm designed. It's zoomed out, because haven't finished all the arm types, and thus haven't made a new file for zoomed in stuff. I have a few zoomed-in shots, but worried I'm reaching the image limit as is.
[Image: azt1mpx.png]

I have a thing for chibis lately. They're fun and pretty easy to do~
[Image: nhBuLdQ.png][Image: JcmFqlA.png][Image: ZXhh5ZV.png]
[Image: 3brwgPh.png][Image: EjjBVZy.png][Image: Vx1hbhA.png]

Image limit too stronk. Normal stuff to follow.

Aaand some regular stuff. 2 over image limit is the worst. x3
[Image: c8R9khf.png]
[Image: e7B0hhN.png]
[Image: qZMYVBs.png]
[Image: Nwp9wO0.png]
[Image: tS2kEVf.png]
Your pixelated skills have been sharpened so much over the years. Have you ever considered making animated GIFs? There are a few free-to-use online tools to do this which render it easy like this one:

I used it to draw this garbage in 12 minutes.

[Image: Final.gif]

I think your sprites would be great as animations.
I've considered it at times, but I feel like I should try to get a better grasp on posing first, so I can make animations look better. Free online tools for that sort of thing is news to me, though! Maybe I'll mess around with one sometime. =3
Oh right, I still do these. I've been trying to improve on shading and stuff(My posing still needs work too, though), but it seems like no matter what I do, some people think I'm not improving fast enough, leading to fun insults and sapping my desire to do stuff. But I might as well throw up some of my recentish stuff, though.

[Image: lhBDYQz.png]
[Image: fZn1P9m.png]
[Image: 1eIHAPG.png]

[Image: sUYNtN8.png]
Dumb little shading experiment, since I'm sleep deprived and dumb.

Left is my old style of shading(I've improved a bit since then, as you can see above, but whatever)
Middle is my first attempt
Right is from feedback

[Image: ji8Xq9T.png]

Style wouldn't work well for bigger things, I don't think, but it gives the chibis this sorta storybook-like feel, and I rather like it
fcuk bees
Idly been learning Sai by doing lineart for sprites of mine. It's a bit tricky, but it's fun so faaar.

[Image: WXSm9Eg.png]
Oh, right.

[Image: pw4v9b6.png]

And a bonus, a test with organizing folders and streamlining the process. Still working on the shading idly, doe.
[Image: j3RWgJh.png]
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